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Why do you benefit from cooperation with us?

Training and professional development of the bodyguards, carrying out the security audit of a firm, outstaffing – everything is in the list of the company "ASUR" services. We hold the courses in the sphere of protection for more than 10 years. 

We provide the licensed services for our clients, according to the current legislation of Ukraine. That’s why training of the bodyguards, audit, recruiting, outstaffing in our company are lawful and safe for clients.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with «ASUR»?

We suggest to study the list of advantages of working with us on each service:

Курсы телохранителей


Pluses for our clients:

  • courses in convenient time – Saturday and Sunday;
  • the small term of training – 1,5 months;
  • training in the conditions correspond as closely as possible to reality;
  • training bodyguards is focused on "the hidden protection";
  • delivering the certificate of qualification "Bodyguard", "The senior bodyguard" after training.
  • obtaining skills of protection, maintenance, first aid, awareness of legal protection (depending on the section of courses);

It is possible to be trained on professional development. We help the best graduates with employment (in case of need).

Курсы телохранителей  

What our clients receive:

  • assessment of a condition of the company security (technical and fire components);
  • testing of the organizational security measures used in the company;
  • testing of the security personnel’s knowledge (instructions of actions, functional duties);
  • recommendations about the organization of technical and fire safety;
  • the performed works on increasing the level of the company’s security.

We will train your personnel, issue the certificates: the security guard according to the categories, fire and electrical safety, the first aid, etc. (if necessary).

Курсы телохранителей

It is profitable to issue your personnel on the «ASUR» company because:

  • reduction of the tax costs – up to 20%;
  • cuts in the cost of maintaining the personnel – from 30%;
  • disposal of the risks to receive penalties – 100%;
  • reduction of the personnel expenses – from 5%.

Our company undertakes the obligations: the recruitment, payroll and other monetary payments to employees, training (if necessary). Your employees will still work on the established operating schedule, carrying out their duties.

Курсы телохранителей

We will choose the professional bodyguards and security guards for you. You will be able:

  • not to spend your time on searching and training the candidates;
  • to hire the worker, who meets the declared requirements.

Before starting the work we agree on cost, terms, we make the official contract on cooperation.

Do you want to take a course, to receive additional skills in the profession of bodyguard, the senior bodyguard? We issue certificates of the state sample, according to the license of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Bonuses for clients

Working with us you receive:

Discounts for further training

we provide to the graduates-bodyguards after passing our courses.

Free practical training on base

for graduates of the training center of bodyguards «ASUR»

Opportunity to reserve the training of the personal security team​

or we will choose already trained professional for you.

Do you want to get know the price of bodyguards training, participations on courses, to issue the order for services of our company? Call on the numbers: