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Security Audit

Security systems audit – a variety of measures in order to assess the level of the company security from the technical aspect, on fire safety. The research of all the object, survey, training of security guards are included (if necessary). The purpose is to identify and manage the risks for further stable and trouble-free work of the company.


The ASUR company audit the fire and technical safety of the enterprise. We provide recommendations and perform works on increasing level of the firm security. We have our own training center for preparation, retraining, training of the security guards, which is situated in Kiev.

Security audit of the enterprise

Security audit of the enterprise: why is it necessary?

The service unambiguously is required, if you want:

To be sure in the company protection against the unlawful attacks.

The security systems installed a few years ago cannot function for 100%, employees can only formally carry out their duties. It is risk to suffer the material, financial or image damage.

Not to spend the additional resources on payment of the penalties.

It concerns compliance of the fire safety standards, the absence or insufficient volume of documentation, that reveal supervisory authorities, when checking. As a result – penalties (according to the Ukrainian legislation – from 50 to 100 non-taxed minimums, which are raised from the officials of a firm).

To organize the qualitative security system.​

Including the presence of specially trained staff, the functioning equipment without "blind" zones in protection, the relevant orders, instructions for workers of the safety, timely notification about possible fire threats.


When the security system of the company is organized correctly, organizational expenses are cut down, it allows to use available technical and human resources correctly.

Security systems audit: 3 stages of carrying out

The ASUR company carries out full and independent estimating of the security level of the enterprise, identify and remove vulnerabilities in the security system. 


Security audit of the organization takes place in 3 stages:



We study and check the methods, features and ways of the security functioning thoroughly. We spend a survey of the staff and find out level of the knowledge of their duties enshrined in the job descriptions and additional orders, that concern activity of security guards. 


Also we carry out the fire safety audit:


  • analysis of the offices, constructions, the equipment on compliance to the fire safety standards;
  • identification and assessment of the possible risks;
  • development of the offers for improvement of a situation.


Basis of cooperation with the ASUR company – the contract. Individually we coordinate the cost and payment procedure for the services with each client.

We submit the report on security audit, the recommendations for modernization of the technical protection systems, fire safety.

We develop the methodical documentation in the security sphere (orders, instructions, etc.). These standards will help you to organize and issue the security system of the company correctly, to be tested by supervisory authorities without penalties.


Modernization of the security system + staff training. After finishing the audit in coordination with the client we perform works to improve the systems of technical and fire safety (according to the recommendations we eliminate violations).
If necessary, we train the security staff, according to the functional duties in the job descriptions. Classes take place in ASUR training center (Kiev). Cost – from 800 hryvnias for 1 employee. 
After the courses we issue the certificates: ​


  • security guard according to the categories;
  • fire safety;
  • electrical safety;
  • first pre-hospital aid;
  • conflictology and the others.
Issue of certificates – if necessary.

Detailed consultations by phone: (097) 890-16-57.

Why is it worth addressing ASUR?

You should reserve the security audit of the firm in our center because:​
We carry out a complex of works
Test, assessment, drawing up the recommendations, elimination of violations.
We train the staff 


In our own training center the courses are licensed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.
We offer the additional services 


We will choose already trained personnel for the security works in your company.
Call this numbers to reserve the security systems audit in ASUR:​