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The ASUR company provides services of the personnel recruiting in the sphere of safety. We cooperate with the companies and private customers. We have our own base of bodyguards, that’s why we will submit you the necessary specialists within the shortest possible time. If necessary, we will choose and train security «from outside».
Personnel recruiting

Recruiting of a personnel: our proposals

We specialize in recruitment of the security specialists:

bodyguards (male and female);



security and the others.

We will choose the bodyguards for chiefs, provide the specialists in «the hidden protection». We present certain specialists or perform selection the whole team of professionals.

We perform recruiting of security guards for work in the family, for example, the nurse-security. We will provide the round-the-clock protection to all family members, including children. We have candidates for a role of security guards, bodyguards who are trained in all nuances of work not only with adults, but also with children.

Methods and stages of recruiting from the ASUR 

We select the personnel, drawing on our own base of the bodyguards – graduates of the training center ASUR. In case of a shortcoming of candidates, we perform external search of specialists. If necessary we can train, perform retraining, improve skills of employees of safety.

Personnel selection by means of recruiting is performed step by step:


We determine the need for employees

we find out the purposes, tasks, which are set for personnel, personal wishes of the client, proceeding from it, we create the list of necessary specialists.


We approve an operating procedure

we calculate the recruiting service cost, determine terms, a payment procedure for work, sign the agreement.


Search and selection of the candidate

according to the stated requirements we select personnel, interview job seekers, find out vacancy compliance, psychological compatibility with the client (for example, if it is the bodyguard).


Staff training

services of recruiting from the ASUR company include not only the choice of candidates, but also their training in the specialty (if necessary).


Provision of the employee

the approved specialist start performing the labor duties in the company employer.

Detailed consultations on the staff recruiting can be got by phone: (097) 890-16-57.

Benefits of the cooperation with ASUR

Pluses of work with us:


We hold the accelerated and general training course

If necessary, we will train the candidate in 1,5 months in our own training center in Kiev. The intensive course of training is possible (occupations take place every day, not just twice a week)

There is our own base of bodyguards

There are already more than 150 graduates of the training center of bodyguards ASUR. We can choose the specialist from among our students or use the search around the country.


Search and selection of the employees according to the clients’ wishes

In our staff there is the psychologist, who tests the candidates, we apply the techniques developed for law enforcement agencies for applicants selection, we check for the psychological compatibility with the client, compliance to the stated requirements.  


Guarantee for recruiting services

If the candidate didn't suit the customer for some reason, we undertake to train additionally, correct the disadvantages of the security’s or bodyguard’s work, or to replace him by the other employee.

Terms of the personnel recruitment are established individually (it depends on the presence of specialist in our base, number of the necessary employees and other factors). Accomplishment of the urgent tasks on protection and gradual selection of workers is possible.

Do you want to ask the additional questions about the system of personnel recruiting from the ASUR company?

For consultations and ordering the service address:

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