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The ASUR company provides services of outstuffing of the security personnel. At the same time employees are inferred out of the customer’s firm staff and are issued in the staff of our firm. The security staff continues to carry out the functional duties and to work at the former place. The ASUR company undertakes obligations to maintain accounting records and personnel documentation.
 Advantages of the bodyguard training center

Outstaffing services: work stages

Cooperation with the ASUR company takes place in 3 stages:


Ordering of our services and registration of the treaty

  • It is possible to leave the application for providing outstaffing by phone (097) 890-16-57 or use the feedback.
  • Experts of ASUR carry out the survey of the security staff to check their knowledge on functional duties, duty regulations.
  • We coordinate the order and nuances of the work, service cost, a payment procedure with the client.

We make out the cooperation officially, we sign the contract of outstaffing.



Employment the personnel into ASUR staff

We held the rescheduling of the staff into the legal person – our company.We sign the labor contracts with the workers, where our enterprise is specified as a place of the performing functional duties. Actually the staff remains at the disposal of the customer.

Work on the outstaffing contract

The ASUR company carries out the following types of works under the outstaffing contract:

  • hiring/firing the staff
  • charge of the salary, vacation pay;
  • registration and charge according to the sick-lists;
  • transfer of the taxes and others.
If necessary, training of the security staff is possible. We have our own training center in Kiev.

We choose the optimum scheme of partnership for each client, we define individual conditions of cooperation.

Outstaffing: advantages

The service is demanded for several reasons, for the customer:


Reducing of the expense.

Reduction of funds for maintaining personnel and accounting, under the contract of outstaffing our experts are engaged in it.


Saving time.

No need to count on each employee and to make out documentation on payment of the salary, a vacation pay, sick-lists, taxes.


A legal way to lower taxes.

Thanks to outstaffing (removal of the security workers from the staff) the enterprise can use the reduced system of the taxation.


An opportunity to lower load on the accounts department and personnel department.

Essentially to reduce the volume of functional duties and the number of workers in accounts department and human resources department. All questions on employment of the security staff, monetary payments are solved by the ASUR company.


No need to hire the employee for a trial period.

Temporary, seasonal and workers on a trial period are also issued to our staff.

Decrease in number of regular experts is especially important for the enterprises, where the staff is limited under the charter, at the same time existence of the security is obligatory.

Pluses of addressing us

Contact our company, and you will receive for sure:


High-quality of the outstaffing services.

We specialize on the outstaffing of the security personnel.


Official registration of cooperation.

 We work under the contract, for 100% we fulfill the obligations.


Selection of the necessary personnel (if necessary).

We will help to staff your security service by the professional workers.


Training the employees (if necessary).

We give classes on the basis of our own training center.


Individual approach.

We consider features of the customer’s business, select the optimum scheme of cooperation.

Call us and leave the application for outstaffing of the security personnel:
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