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“Close Protection Officer” course



  Our company has the full right to conduct the «Close Protection Officer» Course, after which students become the members of the IACPO.

   The IACPO Gold Membership is only for members who have successfully completed a CPO Course/p.

   IACPO Membership for one year includes:

– Member Certificate (gold);

– Member ID card.

  To obtain the membership of the IACPO you need to confirm on the successful completion of the CPO Course (copy of the Course Certificate).

Price: 45,00 Euro

IACPO sertifikat


The International Association of Close Protection Officers (IACPO)

   IACPO was founded in 2005 with the purpose of gathering professional close protection officers (CPO) in a large organization, which provides members of the tremendous support and advice to any newcomers on how to get the proper education and the right to organize the protocols of the event.


  Regardless of training and experience, country of origin or of residence, IACPO welcomes any employee involved in the work of the SPO. The membership of the IACPO is open to all who works in this industry: from Russia to the USA, from Iceland to South Africa. The purpose of the organization is to represent thousands of professional SPO in all over the world, whether a beginner or a veteran, actively promote the global training SPO \bodyguards\ around the world, and also educate and develop of the SPO in contact with other officers in the protection industry.


  At the present time IACPO has more than 500 members. This is a network that extends throughout the world, giving SPO the additional benefits in the planning and preparation of work with clients, new spheres of activities, and the knowledge of local traditions and laws, where it is necessary, and obtaining information on employment and on available SPO jobs in your country or in other regions.


   Membership ICPTA is a perfect, efficient way to introduce the company and its service to the world community, and also the integration and consolidation of the international professional organization of training in one of the certified associations.