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Extremology for students


"ASUR" conducts training on Extremology with the issuance of  Course Certificate. Experienced lecturers, practitioners and teachers from private and public institutuins are using  unique author’s methods.  


Extremology  –  the study of human life and the formation of safe behavior patterns in extreme situations. At the end of the course students learn to adapt to various unplanned circumstances, while remaining a leader and not becoming a situation hostage. 

Who is Extremology Courses for??

The program will interest everyone who wants to:

increase  psychological and physical qualities in  adaptation to extreme situations;
learn active ways of effective management and leadership in emergency situations; 
master the basis of self-defense (protection against single or collective attack, armed attack, use of improvised materials in defense, etc.);
study psychotechnics –  a complex of psychological techniques (background perception of space, the detection of hidden threats).

"ASUR" Extremology Courses is for everyone who is interested in personal and professional development, as well as in realization of their hidden abilities.

We provide training for senior students. 

Training program​

The classes are held by modules. 3 days for 1 module and 6 modules throughout the year. The final stage of training  is a trip for a special camp for 7 days to practice skills and to consolidate the material. The trip is held in summer. Training is conducted on a fee basis. Calculation by modules. 

The program of extremology  course includes:


basic preparation problems peculiar for safe behavior;

the study of spontaneous states in extreme situations by an unprepared contingent;

the basis of psychological self-defense and the study of unusual human abilities in stressful circumstances;

modeling of  characteristic conditions of stressful and extreme situations;

psychotechnics fundamentals  and psychological techniques usage  in human life;

background perception of space, figures, emotions, working with the background of space in the process of conflicts;

decision making main stages and stress management;

the hidden incentives identification and anticipating the opponent's intentions;
ways of state stabilization in extreme situations exampling  social problems and self-defense.

Team interaction between small groups is studied In the process of training . Students practice their knowledge with other students and our teachers.Students can attend free of charge  classes using the "SRUB" technique between the modules . The detailed information is on the site:


Learning Outcomes​

Graduates of extremology course receive:​

Final Certification 
Graduation mark  of passed course for placement, trainers of public institutions, instructors, scouts. 

You can develop and improve your adaptive qualities, learn how to react instantly and correctly  in extreme situations. All theoretical program material is presented in practice.
Trainings are carried out in real conditions and standard situations that may occur  in real life when practice skills may be needed. Thanks to this you will develop the ability to connect inner body reserves in stressful situations, to find a way out of any coincidence. You achieve complete unity with the environment without internal conflicts.

To start learning, you need to have:

copy of passport;
copy of education certificate or student card;
medical certificate 086 / у;
2 photos;
questionnaire for course applicants.


You also need to pass an interview. The classes begins in October-November 2018. Every group contains up to 23 people. Training starts as soon as  group is filled up.
Register for training,  receive behavioral skills in extreme situations, as well as a document confirming the development of the qualification – Extremology Courses Certification.

Call the numbers:​