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Bodyguard Courses

Do you want to become the best bodyguard, to acquire the skills of the close combat, to learn how to react promptly in the extreme circumstances? We suggest you to do the specialized courses in the training center «ASUR». We will train you or the whole team of bodyguards in 1,5 months.

Course Program

Training includes practical and theoretical training. Practice takes place in a situation as close as possible to real. Training courses are held using the airsoft weapon, educational imitating means. The main emphasis on the courses – the organization of «the hidden protection».

The standard program of training includes:​


Introductory part. Briefing – general concepts about the profession.


Role of the bodyguard. History, tasks and duties of bodyguards.


Legal bases of activity. Studying of the duty regulations, rules of the bodyguards’ behavior, the review of the legislative base, which regulates work of the security guards.


First aid. The pre-hospital medical assistance.


Psychology. Behavior bases in extreme situations.


General course:
  • Team of the bodyguards. Organization and functions.
  • Security escort. Structure, construction, circulation of the security escort.
  • Communication, counter-surveillance ways and measures to mitigate the effects of the former.
  • Driving car in professional activity. Driving in extreme situations.
  • Search and identification of the explosive devices. Indoors, outdoors, in car.
  • Close combat. Using weapons or without it.
Continuation of the training:
  • Managing the team of security guards.
  • Special firearms training.
  • Team interaction.
  • Physical training.
  • Action of the security group in unforeseen situations.



We form the groups up to 10 people. We invite persons interested from all the territory of Ukraine to complete the best courses on training of the bodyguards in «ASUR». Our center is located in Kiev: Kaunasskaya St., 13-A.

Besides, we hold seminars and trainings on the professional development, obtaining additional skills. We practice the skills of hand-to-hand fight, firing, survival tactics.

Terms and cost of training

Courses term – 1,8 months. The classes are twice a week: Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon.

Price for a course:


«Bodyguard» – from 14000 hryvnias;



  «Senior bodyguard» – from 15000 hryvnias (for graduates «ASUR»), from 20000 hryvnias (for everybody).

At further training in our center we provide discounts to «ASUR» graduates.

Training results

After the courses «ASUR» graduates receive:​
All group – the certificate on assignment of the corresponding qualification, according to the license of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education.
The best students – the «ASUR» certificate helps in employment and also the recommendation to employers.

Our graduates can work as the bodyguards for hire, at the bodyguard's position, offer the services in security structures.  

Our advantages

Pluses of the training in «ASUR»: 


  Issue of certificate of the state sample.
  We hold the training at the courses licensed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.


  The qualified teachers.
  Classes are given by officers of the legal bodies and specialists of security companies. Experience in bodyguard – up to 20 years.


  Discounts and bonuses to graduates.
  Reduced price for training continuation (up to-40%), it is possible to take free practical training at the base.

Sign up for the best courses of bodyguards in Ukraine by phone or use the feedback: