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When there is a threat to your safety, whether it’s business or threat of danger to life or health, or maybe you feel that something or someone threatens you and the threat is only growing with the time – it means you have entered the Risk Zone.



And the mistake of many people is that they are trying to solve the problem on their own and are usually superficial. We consider that to eliminate of existing risk should be treated systematically: from the study of the causes to eliminate possible occurrences in future, after eliminating the immediate threat.



Therefore, choosing with whom you will share your problems, first think about what you want to have – the visibility of the work created by the stereotypes of Hollywood movies, or system work based on long-term experience of operative work in laprotection system. Pay attention to whom you will trust your information.



Also pay attention to the legality of the chosen organization. For example, we are working on the basis of the license issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.



And last, if you have a problem, do not wait – CALL US!



Agency staff “ASUR”